Welcome to the
Bunny Lounge

DegenBunnies is a passionate NFT brand on the Cardano Blockchain. Degen Bunnies combine humor, creativity and innovation to bring real utility to the Cardano ecosystem. Are your ready to join the bunny revolution?


Degen is short for “degenerate”, usually refers to people who often make risky bets without doing proper due dilligence. 

Make us proud and show us that you are one of the best degens Cardano has ever seen. Get as many bunnies as you can, never sell, go to the moon & then party with others at the Bunny Lounge. That’s how it’s done.  


We have seen apes, cats, rats, ducks, birds and even more apes.

Now it’s bunny time. Don’t you feel the same? Our bunnies are cool, clever and just love to chill with other Degens at the famous Bunny Lounge.

It’s a culture shift. A new era.
We don’t ape in. We bunny in.


Degen bunnies og collection

Sold out.

The OG collection of 6’666 NFTs was launched in September 2022. 


Sold out. 

The Ancient collection consists of 555 NFTs and was launched in January 2023. Selected holders burned OG bunnies to receive Ancient bunnies in return.


Degen Bunnies Manifesto

We’ve stayed down the bunny hole

For quite a long time

Now it’s time to take our role,

And let bunnies climb!


Humor and Innovation

Combine as we hop

With a challenge for patience

Before our big drop


We all know that Cardano

Is tired of new apes

Time “to bunny in” and flow

Like heroes and capes!


Whether hop-offs, Easter eggs

Or chocolate bunnies

Courage clutches our long legs,

To keep you happy


In the Bunny Lounge, chilling

With our bunny friends

Every Degen is willing

To thrive with no ends


From the Bunny Gallery

Showcasing your art

To each carrot’s calories

We do it with heart!


Our community’s passion

Is growing with you

So Degen in your fashion

And do what you do!